Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Black bedrooms

Black is a bold color to go for. It's for the adventurous, the envisioners, the confident. I decided to collect photographs around this theme. It's sexy, in the moment, and smoothly captivating. I love how it defines these ooh-la-la bedrooms.

Here's where you should use pink!

Pretty wall paper. Close up coming next.

Look at the beautiful wall paper. Those graphic florals are precious!

Black headboard and lamps - black used in subtle ways

You know not until you check out these images collectively, do you notice that black really makes everything pop. It gives that extra umph and attention to other things around your bedroom.

gemmaa herns bedroom

gemmaa herns room

Black headboard against black papered wall. Love it!

Louise of Lorraine's bedroom where she mourned her husband's loss
Cháteau de Chenonceau

Here's a story:
At Chenonceau Louise was told of her husband's assassination and she fell into a state of depression, spending the remainder of her days wandering aimlessly along the château's vast corridors dressed in mourning clothes amidst somber black tapestries stitched with skulls and crossbones.

Flickr find: Lyndar T. Merciless

This color combination for bedrooms is unusual but it's working wonders.

Not feeling bold enough. Test the waters and paint just one wall black. :)

Is this even real? So pristine.
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