Monday, May 11, 2009

Paristic Stickers

I really had no intention of blogging today. I should be working on my drawing right now but how can I resist this. I was getting ready to research typographic interior decoration when I fell right in the lap of typographic heaven in the form of stickers!

Trompe l'oeil, artistic stickers, transform your living room to the dimensional world of Paris. Made of matte vinyl, these expressions of parisian urban landscape combined with urban furniture bring the outside inside. It creates a setting of your choice within your four walls.

'Paristic was created in 2007. Specialized in urban stickers this company was created under the impulse of two Parisian friends. One is graduated from a business school and the other from the famous Parisian University of “Les Beaux Arts”.'

And you've always wondered what happens when you put a business graduate together with a crafty artist? Wonder no more!

C by Hilton McConnico

The Eiffel tower

Paris Skyline (view B)

Wall Zip


Sow luck

Panneau New York

'No smoking'

Moi et?

Le Heron

Le Cheval

Guimard Metro Sign

Footbal by HMC



Culte 39

Classic Balustrade

Body builder

Au Jardin des tuileries

Vegetal Fx



  1. these are terrific! they actually make a wall fascinating enough to stare at...