Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fall Trends 2009-2010

Hey, Fashion isn't fashion. Fashion is Art.

I am not a big shopper of clothes. All the girlfriends go wide-eyed when they hear me say this. Shopping is to a woman as oxygen is to mankind or nature. I have always been fascinated by clothes and shoes, their designs, patterns and cuts but if you asked me to shop for clothes for myself, I give you the look of a lost puppy with hopeful eyes of you helping out.

So I am very happy to hear that my sweetest friends are ready to take me out as long as I nod my head in compliance and try everything they ask me to. Once I was done, I found myself with five lovely dresses that will absolutely abide fall trends.

I am so excited about my dresses that I couldn't even sleep. An entire night has passed and my thrill hasn't ended. It prompted me enough to research fall trends and I am so excited to share this with you in one blog.

So all you girls who are googling desperately what you ought to wear, clicking through hundreds of links and all; well, stop. Here's your one stop shop. This one is for you.

It's unbelievable the power trend-setters have. If they asked us to start wearing our hand gloves on our feet, I think we would!

Of course, we would. It's Art Baby. Now I am quoting one of my girls. 'Boo-Ya!'

oh yea high boots

would ya wear this?

i didn't know these could look so absolutely cute paired with tights
cloak & dagger

cloaks are in

love the overboard patterns

torn stockings. this is not a joke.

Copenhagen Street Style outside the Minimarket Show


Just Cavalli

Just Cavalli



Salvatore Ferragamo

Doutzen Kroes

get ready for plaids
the fashionist

the sartorialist

plaids looks so cute on skirts

chunky heels

squared-off toes

laceup boots



  1. i am so proud of you!!!!! boo ya indeed!
    also, love the salvatore ferragamo romper.

  2. I totally hear you about the act of shopping...while I LOVE fashion I would (if I had the money) gladly pay someone to be my personal shopper. You're lucky to have friends to help you!
    Now, for your next blog post I want to see your 5 dresses!