Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Art of seating

What say you?

You don't have dogs and you are on a budget? Well, you are the perfect candidate for having floor seating in your home.

Now, I really want to do this at my own home. We have an area in the house reserved for our altar. This part of the home is reserved for gratitude. We pray here, confide to the universe, nurture hope, and drift away to dreams that we want to be a part of. My dogs come by and share this energy during shedding season which is why, though, floor seating would be ideal, it may not be really practical.

This blog is the closest that I can come to fulfilling my own floor seating aspirations. :)

Urban Outfitters makes these beautiful low benches with curved legs.

This is so lovely. Thai style seating

Pristine colors

Japanese style seating

This is very unique. They are stackable and really unique
because they make floor seating enjoyable and comfortable with a back rest.
The Za from MisoSoupDesign.com

Thanks to Natala007's photostream on flickr

Cool Indian style low seating. I love the legs.

Thanks to Tara home

More cushions!

Dining Japanese style

I found the sanskrit type really cool here. Oh yea, more cushion seating..


Belgian designer Alain Monne designed this lovely low arm chair.

Beautiful large floor cushions by Roche–Bobois

These low couches are also great alternatives to floor seating


Love love love this one.
Saved the best for last!


  1. hi!! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, I would love for you to feature me if you like!!

    I love all the images you chose for this post, as a dog owner floor seating is not really an option for me...but now I wish it were!

  2. Thanks so much. And thank you so much for allowing me to feature you. I am super excited. Can't wait to start.

  3. i love all the low seating. and you cookie!

  4. I just adore your blog! It is so imaginative, informative and inspiring!
    Bravo! I keep imagining this idea/post would be a very interesting story proposal to a magazine like Dwell or New York Spaces.

  5. Love this post & the super pretty pictures! You are on a roll Preeti- proud of you!!! :)

  6. I stumbled upon your blog while I was trying to find a Graphic design job in JCPenney on Linkedin. These pictures are just so beautiful! Thanks for sharing them!