Sunday, May 03, 2009


'I am the thread that runs through these pearls.' by Vivekananda.

I've been trying to get back to sketching and painting. I have seen that what I need most is patience. At times, there is a literal block stuck in the passageway of creativity or artful thinking. I need concepts. I need to visualize them in my interpretations. Then I need colors. Selective brush strokes and techniques. Type that illustrates and upholds my concept.

'I am the thread that runs through these pearls'


  1. Beautiful!!! And Preeti what a coincidence- I've just started sketching myself. I bought myself a sketchbook and stocked my art supplies & have started drawing after more than 10 years(!)And I'm so suprised to see that my strokes and the way and what i draw has changed so much from college days.
    Keep these coming! Proud of you :)

  2. I'm proud of you too Preeti. I mean if this doesn't say unemployed, I'm not sure what does (jus kiddin). I think its great. Though, I think you should rename it "APWU - Aspiring Preeti Wannabes Unite" or "Finding Your Inner Preeti" cuz we all know that's what this is really about. And hey, why not? I mean it could easily turn go "Branch Davidian" on you (to a lesser level) but thats where you'll just need to keep yourself in check and not let your head get too big. Here's a quick word from me that you can refer to that will help keep you in check - "Preeti, I don't care how good you think your designs or paintings are, YOU ARE NOT A DIETY". Anyway, I'm personally on board, cuz now I have a venue when I'm bored to harass you, since you won't call me anymore.

    And you know, I've tried to do the blog thing myself but I just can't juggle all online stuff - a blog, facebook, ...okay, so I guess that's it but still its tough. I think my blog got up to about 3 entries and then I just stopped. Now I couldn't even tell you where the thing is :'(

    But you have inspired me. I'm going to start sketching too. I'm going to sketch your sketches and paintings and whatever else you come up with...I mean why re-invent the wheel, right? Anyway, keep em coming, I need new material, and the ones above I'm done with I guess I'm just waiting on you!! Hey wow!!! It's like you being here at Mary Kay all over again. Things have really come full circle.

    BTW - whats up with the header? It's like font schizophrenia - "Um, hello, could I talk to Helvetica or any san-serifs?"

  3. This is so like you Randy! You just had me rolling to the nastiest carpet lying beneath my feet.

    Thank you so much for your encouragement. Btw, I'd love to blog about your art someday. I just need a big enough collection from you. Are you up to the challenge?

    Keep it coming and you know I miss you.

  4. Thank you Vinche. You know you are my inspiration! :)

  5. wow preeti!!!
    "I am the thread that runs through these pearls."!!!!

    that is so beautiful!

    My desires mimic yours. I am trying to start drawing and getting back to the reason I became a designer too. This page totally inspires ME! I hope you find your way to all those colors and textures and techniques!

    I hope I do too!! :)

  6. Thank you Logan. Keep checking the blog. I will keep more things coming. My next blog is going to be about the art of seating: floor seating. I want artists such as you to visit my blog so I can be inspired to keep more coming.

    Thank you.