Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sweet Shelves

I am a proud owner of 'Shelf Expression' by Marthe Le Van. Have you ever browsed through this book? Oh! It is an encyclopedia of shelving ideas and projects.

The book showcases colorful shelving images as you are about to see and I am so inspired by it that it actually leaves me confused. I want to do it all and don't know where to begin. Just this afternoon, I declared to my husband that I'd like to strip down all of my perfectly good oakwood kitchen cabinets and replace them with clean bright white shelves. He looked at me wildly and simply asked 'Why?'.

I had no practical reason, all I imploringly wanted to say was 'Because - I saw it on Shelf Expression!' Sigh. :)

Yea, my idea isn't going to fly in the house. But I do have this blog. So here you go and look closely. Look at the detail work. Identify the innovative ways shelves are being used as. Skateboards shelves, cubies, modernista shelves, it's all here.

Shelving has taken an altogether different meaning in today's times. Take it all in and try something new in your own home.

Paint Bucket shelves, Shelf Expression

Humble box form storage cubes, Shelf Expression

Shelving from cE Hotel

Hanging bookshelft from Unal&boler studio

Quad Bookcase

Pisa Bookshelf

Open shelving

Maria Yasko's shelf

Really really neat

Window shelf featuring last year's basil seeds, lamp, and Ganesh painting (my home)

Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted a dressing table.
I didn't want anything very fancy - just a small corner where
I could get ready and keep my jewels, lotions and fragrance.
I used a chair as a shelf for my wooden framed side-mirror.

Collector shelves, Shelf Expressions

I reall love this.
Magazine shelf, Shelf Expression

Exterior window shelf, Shelf Expression

Peg Brackets, Shelf Expression

Ultimate air skateboard shelves, Shelf Expression

Shower tote shelves, Shelf Expression

Toolbox shelf, Shelf Expression

Thingamajig shelf, Shelf Expression
(hint hint: dish drainer)

Bottle rack shelf, Shelf Expression

Ooooh Beauty! White marble tops.
Threshold shelves & doorstop support shelf. Shelf Expression

Close up of Mail sorter shelves, Shelf Expression

Mail sorter shelves, Shelf Expression

Step ladder shelf is great. Shelf Expression

Vintage drink crate shelf, Shelf Expression

Sailing basket shelf set, Shelf Expression

Chair shelves, Shelf Expression

Corner shutter shelf, Shelf Expression
Oh yea - it's easy. The book says 'Put some old bead board and a matching pair of shutters
to wonderful use in this uncomplicated, yet quite satisfying, shelf.

Flexetube by Doris Kisskalt

Equation bookshelf by Marcos Breder



  1. oh this looks interesting ; D
    stay cool blogger, stay cool / victory

  2. Sexy post. I LOVED the red wall with the colourful chairs as shelving , loved the stacked cylinders- what fun!