Thursday, May 07, 2009

Stiletto Heights

It has been a crazy week at work and I really had hoped that I could blog everyday but that obviously hasn't taken off so well. I am still very glad that I get to do it atleast every other day. :) I am also in glee about the comments I've been getting. It's wonderful to be encouraged. Feels nice. Thank you all so much.

And now, I am going to breathe deeply and rejoice this moment where I get to write about Jennifer Gordon. She is a mixed-media collage artist from Ohio who creates wonders on paintings, ACEOS, journals, and art boxes. What you are about to see is just breathtaking!

How does she do it!

It appears magical, with soft foggy hues dissipating away, revealing mysterious ghostly women running secretive calculations behind them. The colors are daring pastels, the theme is unnerving and chilly at times, an empowerment of sorts, and then ofcourse there's that uncanny touch of warm floral motifs running hurriedly through the edges, dear john type letters running in cursive...Jennifer is amazing! Feast your eyes at these now..

...and guys just so you know, she is running a sweet 'buy one get one free' sale on etsy.

All Women have secrets

Alice's Ghost
ACEO on small canvas 2.5x3.5 inches

By Gaslight
4x4 inch reproduction print on wood

ACEO on small canvas 2.5x3.5 inches

Her Ghost Wandered The Moors
ACEO on small canvas

Marie Antoinette
(reproduction print)

Pandora III
(reproduction print)

The Caged Dream
(8x10 original on canvas panel)

The Countess
-reproduction print

The Courtesan (reproduction print)

The Pianist's Ghost
500 pieces series number 93 (10x10 on wood)

Titania's Playing Make Believe
ACEO on stretched canvas 2.5x3.5 inches

When Girls Turn Into Dreams
500 pieces series number 92 (10x10 on wood)

Naughty II (mature vintage nudes) Digital Collage Sheet


  1. wow, I am really honored to be included on your blog, and this is a lovely feature. I will make sure I twitter about it later today and try and blog about it too.

    thanks again, this made my day!!!

  2. You are welcome and you are so talented, you really deserve it.

  3. i am in love! especially with "the caged dream"!

  4. I love the Pandora and the Courtesan. Beautiful!!!!!!! Really good work....even the gas lights are just wow....

  5. Fabulous work!!Has an ethreal quality to it!
    Well done Preeti---for posting this!

  6. Thanks Soumya. Hope you keep visiting.