Tuesday, September 08, 2009

b-drawn blog

I've been guilty of secretly holding on to a blog story that I started to write a long time ago.

Meet B-drawn blog, a wittily-named, blog; a master of lines and it's graphical twists; a typographic queen; a zodiac illustrator; and lastly, as she casually puts it, the creator of 'drawings to share' on her site. How innocently this powerful artist summarizes her talent for us!

Needless to say that the owner of B-drawn blog, Barbara Alonso, is so talented that she simply has her striking pen marks dancing to her tunes. Some of her work makes me feel as if a symphony is playing in the background and the lines are swiftly shaping up negative space.

What I would love to know is how she manages to slip in those wonderful typographic treatments so seamlessly into her drawings that they seem to play a challenging game with your vision. I am referring to 'Tree of Knowledge' and '5 against 1' artwork.

I cannot pick a favorite in her work. Each piece competes well and and teasingly acquires equal admiration in my heart.

Barbara, thank you for giving me the privilege of featuring your work.

Please check out b-drawn blog + site + etsy shop to see more work. The three sites are great!




lady in red


zodiac sign libra represents balance
random info: i am a libran!

zodiac sign taurus represents strength and stamina

zodiac sign saggitarius represents energy and exploration

zodiac sign gemini represents complexity and duality



Tree of Knowledge

5 against 1


  1. Preeti, thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing my work with your readers!

  2. I am blessed enough to be able to call B my friend. such a talented, kind hearted soul.

  3. amy -
    aww. that is absolutely sweet. thank you for visiting my blog amy.

    barbara -
    you are indeed very talented. i am excited to share your work.

  4. your site came up in a search for images of "waterbearer" - because I am self-publishing a book of my poetry called "The Waterbearer's Journey"and looking for illustration ideas. I love the zodiac and tree of knowledge drawings!
    are there prints/products available? xo Susan Bernardo