Monday, September 21, 2009


So you walk into a home and the first impression they are able to make immediately is through the entryway. You know, a couple of years ago, I didn't even think it was part of home decor but now, it's the highlight of a house. That first 'Wow' you get better be gained by your entryway or else!

Think about it. Whether it's a stranger just visiting you to hand over a flier or a neighbor or your family, your entryway should be able to captivate or define a mood within them. You get to state that. No matter how or what they might have felt before entering your house, the minute they take that step into your humble abode, you want an energy that is definably positive and radiant. This is what you must make your guest feel. You need to awe them. Widen their eyes a bit and thump the beat of their heart noticeably faster in excitement.

Okay, I know I am being a bit too dramatic with entryways but look at all these pretty pics!

love the buddha statue

harmony of colors

Ina Garten's Hampton's home
love the neutrals here and the crisp white sofa

'aaah yeaahh! add boots and you'll have the perfect entryway'
says the girl in me :)
we painted our bedroom in this royal blue and it really exudes a tropical feel.
this wash effect is really pretty and check out the cool blue slated stones on the floor.
me heart fluttering!

A house from Domino Magazine

Entryway featured in Domino Magazine

putyourflareon's flickr photostream

atelierpompadour's flickr photostream

xJavierx's flickr photstream

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  1. The 3rd image down is my dream entryway...bright contrasting colors, clean lines, simple and modern. Although I would consider adding some boots as well...:). Great post!