Friday, July 17, 2009

New York

We lived in NY since 1994 when we first migrated from India. Though I was fascinated by the so named 'melting pot', the constant flood of new people crowding the streets or are they alleyways, tired me endlessly. This had only meant fewer seats during treacherous bus rides, stench to bear in the subways, and more toes to step on and get embarrassingly blasted away with profanity.

Little did I know that all the things I hated about NY would comparatively make Dallas look barren and boring. I was confused for the longest time about NY. Did I love it or did I hate it? This trip resolved the conundrum. It took me about 15 years to see NY for it's beauty. These pictures were taken all the way from Queens to Manhattan, East village to West!


I love his colorful umbrella.

This is truly hilarious. Only NY can glorify McDonalds like this!

Red fire truck!

This was a really cool mat. The words are cut-outs from Malayalam* magazine and newswpapers.
Malayalam: One of the 4 major Dravidian languages spoken in the southern states of India. Spoken in Kerala, India.

Random street art exercised on a door.


I liked the signs here coaxing people to go around. Everyone follows obediently.

Double decker bus showing off proud NY

A busy street

During gay parade

Glassy sky-scapers

Victoria Secret ad. Isn't this really lovely? I love the 40%off in red.

Random Kitty Statue as a public art exhibit.

I have no clue what this is but it was at a crossing

Really? Slow?!

Look at this beautiful street signage.

Busy streets

Side of a pub

I like the red

Pretty pottery

Curious New Yorkers

Street ads and graffiti

I really liked how they carefully painted the fire exit in green.

The Trump Tower

Count the ads on this one! There is so much information. You can have breakfast, lunch, some desert,
and watch Hangover!

Aah. Ofcourse, this had to be the last image. NY Police.


  1. Preeti -
    These photos are great! Thanks for the glimpse of your trip to NY, glad to see that it helped you to "resolve" your feelings about the city :).

    I on the other hand am eagerly awaiting my move there in several months...your pictures helped to fuel my excitement about it! I appreciate you sharing them :).


  2. Lola,
    So it's true after all! I read on your blog about your craze for Brooklyn. Aaah, we'll miss you here in Dallas but NY is very promising. I know you will love it there.

  3. Lovely set of photos Preeti. I visited NYC about nine years ago and fell in love with the city. Looking forward to my return to the city in a couple of months time with camera in hand.


  4. Preeti - you're photos are great - the comments need work. I can hlep with that if you like, if you ever decide to call me again....speaking of what about the freakin dog party you said months ago would - you've changed.