Sunday, May 17, 2009

Etsy Bash

Spring isn't gone yet and it was made well known yesterday. All day long, we drove and walked through pouring rain. It did a fine job of refreshing the air with new life.

I think due to that Etsy didn't have as many visitors or perhaps people didn't know as much about it. Whatever it was, far from rain, in the shelter of a basement, inside 1409 South Side Lamar, we entered ambitious artists selling mini magnets, crocheted cup holders, textile flowers, wild jewelery, patterned purses and pillows with attitude.

Only a few artists took my fancy and I sought permission to feature their work. I am going to post generic photographs here for now and will take the time to blog separately about each. This is just a teaser. :)

Old type art above elevator
Is there a name for such style?
I've seen it on old-world parchments, scrolls, pamphlets and hand-written books.


Pamela Michelle's rings, prints, necklaces

I am a Hat and I am red

So are we.

Textile flowers by Jane Joss

Laura Davis Design Lab

Cool Handbags

Two Hills Designs, Katie Toohil

Random Sewing Machine
Okay, here are two things I must have and don't yet:
Vintage Sewing Machine and Typewriter
(No, I do not sew nor would I ever type on a typewriter)

Okay, there's definitely more to come. An elaborate blog on each designer. Remember, this is just a teaser.


  1. It was great meeting you at the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash! We had a blast! Hope you can make it to the next Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash November 21st at Sons of Hermann Hall.

    -Pamela Michelle

  2. Thank you for blogging about our Bash! We were thrilled with the non-stop shopper traffic and all of the press we received. We heard over and over: "Best show ever in Dallas." So glad you were a part of it! We hope to see you at the next Etsy Dallas event - the 2nd Annual Jingle Bash.

  3. Pamela,
    It was wonderful to meet you and I thoroughly enjoyed photographing everyone's work. November 21st, you say? I'll be there! :)

    I just love your pea pod necklaces. Very elegant. :)

  4. nice,interesting to know about the fair