Saturday, June 13, 2009

French wine and La Chocolatiére

I am surprised with a lovely gift from France. Here are some images for your eyes to feast on! Everything was delicately packaged. The aroma of chocolate tempts like a mistress when you open the lovely box.

And I just can't wait to sip this wine!

This wine's popularity dramatically soared after the marriage of Henry Plantagenet and Aliénor d'Aquitaine. This alliance resulted in the province of Aquitaine English territory. Before this, France's vineyards and wine production were quite low as were their exports. It's the Romans that first cultivated extensive vineyards in France to provide sweet wine for their soldiers.

Husband tells 'Demi-Sec' means half dry-half sweet
'Douh' means sweet
and 'Molleux' means extra sweet

La Chocolatiére, Tours

There are 50 chocolates in this box.

I love the gold imprinted name

Close-up. Isn't it pretty!