Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yes Honey

I don't know if these are any good but I sure am having some fun doing them.

This illustration came to me when I was in the midst of doing yoga. While doing yoga in 98.6 degrees of heat, why I would think of a guy holding a remote control saying 'yes honey' while watching desperate housewives is something I really don't even want to ponder.

I do like doing these mini illustrations with type entwined. I can get a message out yet carry out fun little shapes in elementary form. And I am sure, like me, you'll know at least one person who can directly relate to the man on the couch. :O


  1. Preeti -

    These illustrations are just great...I love the simplicity of the drawings juxtaposed with these loaded phrases that could have a different meaning for everyone...brilliant!

    It's funny the thoughts that come to mind when you're doing yoga... :).

  2. Thank you. Yes, isn't that really funny! Now, I am off to checking your blog out. :)