Sunday, July 12, 2009


I am still going through hundreds of my NY photographs. Gosh! I didn't know how many I clicked away with that SLR.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd quickly sort through a particular series that my tummy thoroughly enjoyed. Taim! Deliciousness deliciousness. Located in West Village, under the shades of tree-lined paris-like streets of Waverly Plaza, an Israeli delicatessen extends personal invitation to realms of heaven with their generously stuffed pitas of hummus, tahini, israeli salad, hard-cooked egg, and fried eggplants (this that I have described is called Sabich). Coolly wash all of this down with date-lime banana smoothie and finally scent your buds with their sweetly sweet homemade baklawa.

They have mixed falafel and mediterranean platters too. Oh by the way, when have you ever been blessed with three differently flavored falafels? There's the Green traditional, with parsley, cilantro, and mint. The Red with roasted red pepper. The Harissa with tunisian spices.

Upon arriving back in Dallas, my mother-in-law who is here on a visit from India asked me, 'Why can't we email Einat Admony, the owner of Taim, to open in Dallas as well?' Sigh. If only...

I love their chickpea logo. How perfect!

Look at all the recognition.

Please enter the doorway one at a time. I advise from first hand experience.

Look at all the colors.

My father-in-law (left) and husband (right) eating away happily.

Clearly, my mother-in-law is here only to eat and has no time for paparazzi. :)

This is embarrassing to admit but my only regret is that I was in such a frenzy to eat that I never even photographed any food. :(
But courtesy and thanks to The Girl Who Ate Everything who took the most delectable photograph
of Taim's iconic falafel sandwich.


  1. oh lovely!! looks like you had a great time!! I've never heard of flavoured falafel... :-)

  2. Neither have I Patricia. I guess this is a step up from one's simply mashed chickpeas. :)

  3. I love the pictures and your writing, of course.
    chickpea logo = dahling.

  4. This is definitely on my list of "must-visits" for my trip out there next month. Thanks for posting about it - the food sounds heavenly!

  5. That's great Lola. Yes, you must! It's scrumptious.:)