Saturday, September 26, 2009

Food is art too!

'A' for Akhil, is my husband. It's hard to describe him. But I think I can sum it all up in this conversation I had with him recently.

Preeti: I am so sad. I have been blogging, granted irregularly, for a year now but I only have 10 followers!
Akhil: Sweetheart, look at this. I have no followers. I don't even have a blog.
Preeti: (stares back blankly while suppressing a burst of laughter)
Akhil: You are doing this for yourself, remember, not others. All else will come.

I love that. That is Akhil in a few words. He is wisdom and simplicity all combined in one. Is that possible?

So I thought I'd dedicate a blog to a wonderful gesture he made recently.

A gently fruity german wine.
Gewûrz means 'spicy' in german. It is sweeter than Riesling and has an intense flowery bouquet. Though this wine pairs really well with curries, mexican dishes, or deserts, we actually tried it with a simple savory whole trout that he baked in the oven on a bed of herbs such as dill and parsley.

The fish was to die for. I wish I had taken better still shots. I am still learning. :)

All mine! :) Thank you Akhil.
Recipe: At 500°F, A, baked the whole trout on a bed of olive oil, red onions, parsley and dill after sprinkling kosher salt and pepper on the fish. Isn't that simple? Oh yes, slip in some lemon wedges inside the fish.

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