Saturday, June 05, 2010

Adopt a dog card

My very good friend and cubemate at work is thinking about adopting a dog. At times I heard him voice out to me that he wasn't sure about being 'ready'. I wanted to create this card for him as a confirmation that he indeed is ready and sometimes out of fear we are fooled into thinking that we do not have the courage, that we aren't ready. Have you thought that the very reason such a birth of contemplation might occur due to the fact that you are ready. Otherwise where does this debate stem from? So you have already started the first step of being ready and accepting. But there is a bit of doubt to brush away and blow out of your vision.

So your subconscious knows it that you are ready but you must pass one more test of asserting to yourself somehow or someway that you are indeed READY.

Inspirational Dog Card

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