Friday, June 03, 2011

The Perfect Bedding

So my husband is an engineer and for him a basic bed-in-a-bag would have just gotten the job done. Whereas I am a little different. I obsess over the perfect colors and the right theme and oh does it go with our character and let's analyze ourselves to the point of no return and basically clear ludicrous obsession over what - a simple piece of fabric we may lay upon? Ah but that is the fun of life.

So after meticulously talking and pondering over what kind of people we are and how much upkeep we like and what colors we are and bla bla bla...after countless trips to all stores under sky for the right pillows...after an hour's drive to downtown Dallas in rush hour with a sleeping baby in the carseat who blissfully stays ignorant of the world and his mother living in it - I arrive at what you see below.

We are happy with this messy wrinkly quirky sleek sexy clean white organic crispy love nest. So Take That 'BED-IN-A-BAG'! :)

West Elm | Euro Pintuck Shams | $9

World Market | Petal Pillow | $20

Target | Rich Queen Purple Rose Pillow | $20

Target | Clean White King Sheet | $16

World Market | Silver Soft Blue Pillow | $9

West Elm | Duvet | $70

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