Thursday, April 09, 2009

Alexey Brodovitch

I first came to know him through my mentors and when I saw the cover I knew I would be opening up a world of work that I probably have always begged to be a part of in the heart of hearts and yet haven't gotten a chance to. Here's Brodovitch, a modern art director of Harper's Bazaar from 1934 to 1958. And what are the words he used to inspire his designers with at Design Labarotory? He'd say 'Astonish me!'. He not only redefined photography as an avenue for graphic arts to communicate their messages with but he also enlightened the higher education of American system with his use of white space, visual simplicity and expression.

Enough words that don't do justice, it's time to see his work!

Look at how the price points are featured! Wow!

Now I know they did not have the opacity option or the photoshop option. This is true photography.

Why don't we explore typography and photography together?

What I love about this piece is that it features a flower and then
it manages to exude the feelings of a flower through type.

Let the visual reign the page and type humbly gets noticed for it's simplicity and elegance.

Yes, indeed I want to buy that shawl.

Smart design.

So this is yet another brilliant way to feature color in personal beauty. It's dirty, it's quick and what's better-
that the average girl can relate to it. This is an ad!

There's a sense of mystery to this. Showing half-body woman cladded in white pants
is reserved for the bold. This cover is theatrical fashion.

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