Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Third Drawer Down

Now, I know this is commercial but I have really never seen something so expressive on ordinary things like tea towels and pillows! The depth and detail on these is just extraordinaire. Third Drawer Down calls itself the museum of art souvenirs. Based in Australia, they are doing exactly what I love so much: collecting art in everything I own. They bring stories to your tea towels, your pillows, dishes, salt & pepper shakes, and much more. Check out Third Drawer Down for more inspiration on drawing and type.

I was stricken with love when I saw their tea towels. What is a tea towel you may ask? Well, it is a delicate linen cloth with simple weave used to dry your most prized plates and silverware. These should simply be framed!


Tuart cottage

Good night
Pillows covers

Nest building

Girl monster

Family portrait

Diamond hills
Pillows covers

Crumbs in beard

Trivia's persuit

Dandelion tea


She danced



  1. I just love your articles and your insight! Keep up the good work!

  2. My god, this is gorgeous work! I'm so glad you wrote of them. I'm headed straight to their site! :)

  3. Thank you Shirlee. I am so happy that people find it interesting, I was a bit intimated by the 'no traffic' before. This is truly so encouraging.

    Thank you once again.

  4. Preeti, you are a trendsetter!

  5. Theres some pretty unusual stuff on your blog. I so love the birds in the beard picture :-)

  6. Thanks Priya. I am just starting out and am already obsessed.

  7. Fay, thank you. I am so happy you visited the site.