Sunday, November 22, 2009

Salvation and Butterfly

Lately I have realized that I am absolutely okay with not blogging every single day or making it a point to beat myself with worry over missing two or three days of blogging in a row. Now I find happiness in doing it when I truly feel like it. And the readership will come. It may come slow but it will definitely come.

So lately, I have placed trust again.

I still have to blog about 2 more days on France. On my down time, I am working on it.

No rush.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying painting and drawing while Akhil watches hours of endless t.v. :) For some reason I kept staying away from painting. I kept convincing myself that no ofcourse it doesn't make me happy or any such thing! When I am done with a piece, the surge of emotion I have tells me I am convinced falsely. So here's a little stroke of happiness I found over the weekend. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

I am still trying to find my style. It's been many years. I don't feel that I am good or even decent so far. I want to run to the finishing line ofcourse but have to remind myself that this is a process just like all else in this wonderful life of ours.

I gifted this one to a friend of mine for her b'day


  1. Reading your post makes me feel like I'm reading my mind out loud. Strangely, when you live life, there will come so many times when there is really no time to blog. And then you are doing whatever needs to be done then, cooking or going to work, or shopping or them painting like you've shown here. That is not what is strange- it is strange how bad you feel about not blogging.
    Preeti, if you keep posting like this, you are going to make me pick up the brush again. i really must tell you this. I find you are really spontaneous in the way you write and in the way you paint & this is a quality i really aspire to(wards).
    I totally *heart* your butterfly painting! Your friend is one lucky girl :)

  2. Thank you Vinche. I love your new trays! Oh my god! They are absolutely stunning. I wish I could do art like you. It's so lovely. Sigh. :)

  3. we are truly a mutual admiration society ;)

  4. i disagree with your sentiment about you not being "good or even decent so far" at painting. you are an artist!

    i am the lucky recipient of the butterfly painting.
    i am also the butterfly.


  5. Preeti -
    These are amazing! I'm so glad you chose to share them. And don't worry about the daily blogging...we'll all still be here patiently waiting for the next inspiring post! Your paintings are incredible though, that first one is especially moving to me :).


  6. Thanks Lola. That is really encouraging. I think I worry too much about not being good at painting. I guess I keep concentrating of how much better I can be if I keep trying. :) Thank you for all the compliments. I need to catch up on your blog very soon.

  7. Painting is art and fun..I cant paint at all though..i admire it a lot

    Deepa Raman
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  8. Simrata Sekhon SandhuDecember 29, 2009 at 6:52 AM

    landed on your blog by chance.want to let you know that i love the butterfly.keep painting, follow your dreams,blog too...people like me love to read them.