Thursday, March 11, 2010

Out of the Scene

This morning I woke up with nothing but my blog's thought in my mind. Once I heard somewhere when you wake up in the morning, tell yourself out loud 'Today is a great day!'. I did that too. I smiled.

As some of you can see, I've been out of the scene for such a prolonged time. This is because suddenly one beautiful day, the Universe graced Akhil and I with a lovely surprise in my womb. I am carrying our first child for the past four months and recently found out that it is indeed a little boy who will enter our world of happiness come August. And as any child full of mischief and twinkles, he too has caused quite a bit trouble for his young mother; I've just been suffering incessantly with nausea. It's amazing the transformations that happen to your psychology during this time and I allowed myself some time to live in the grace of what the moment was offering without any other distractions.

I am finally back feeling great in my health just as is intended by the course of life and need to get reading up on blogs that I missed; collect materials for my own blog; and come back to the art scene.

I must say one thing. My child has made me more peaceful and makes me feel closer to all things created. So with that renewed and refreshed sense of respect, I'd like to share this lovely rose that I took a photograph of.


  1. It surely is a relaxing feeling when you get back to your blog after ages, unfortunately I haven't been relaxed in a while, to an extent where I don't even remember my blog ID (well I do but what's the point).

    Awesome news on the boy!! Like Luca Brasi says in the Godfather (don't ask why guys always relate things to the Godfather), "May your first child be a masculine child". I am really happy for you guys!!


  2. Oh my goodness...congratulations Preeti! Such wonderful news :).