Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little Batch Botanicals

For those of you who know me personally also know that I am a freak when it comes to natural therapy and earthly living style. I am one of those who will grind her own spices, grate fresh coconut even through carpal tunnel pain, cut her fresh vegetables minutes before dropping into a a hot pot, make her own creams and oils, and wait out a headache for days before even entertaining popping a pill!

Well recently I took to making my own beauty care products. I have had a hand at making lip balms, basic soaps, and moisturizing oils. This recent intrigue thankfully landed me right on Little Batch's Etsy Shop! Not only do I love all her concepts but the photography and the product design amply invite me to just try her hand made vegan products. Please take some time to visit her shop at LittleBatch and enjoy the below images.









  1. so when can we expect your line of cosmetics? ;)

  2. oh distanthorizon - if only i was as good as LittleBatch! It's just something I do at the secrecy of my home and occasionally if I feel bold enough, for my friends or family who request it. :) I pray I can be as good as littlebatch botanicals one fine day.

  3. wow! You make your own beauty products? I had no idea! And how beautifully you have presented these scrumptuous looking products. Way to go!!