Thursday, May 20, 2010

Prairie Press, the art of Nature's bounty by Antje Kay Sutton

Look what I found! Antje Kay Sutton's fresh Etsy shop!! The whimsical art inspired by nature's finds are truly amazing. If I owned these notecards, I wouldn't part with them at all. I'd frame them! These are beyond personalized notecards. And I simply love her bio. Look and read on...and find her at shop prairiepressart. She is selling these notecards for $12.00 USD.





This is my favorite!


You might catch a glimpse of me walking gently down a wooded pathway, or stopping curiously on the side of a country road. I may pick up some special little piece of nature’s foliage because I see an interesting shape or a beautiful hue and I begin to compose a piece of art in my head, using my new-found treasure as a key ingredient.

Later in my studio I carefully create each magical work of art using only nature’s flora, such as wildflowers, leaves, grapevines, twigs, tendrils, pods and bark.

My work includes birds, and animals with whimsical attitudes as well as innovative interpretations of woodland scenes, cultural designs, still life settings and carefree bouquets.

Antje Kay Sutton


  1. Brilliant work! I completely LOVE her work! must check out her site. Thanx for sharing this treasure with us :)

  2. please put some pics of ur own soaps and things as well....would love to see them

  3. Thanks Rashi for commenting! When I make my next batch, I will surely! :)